Inspiring Hope: Helping Churches to Care for the Sick. 17/9/2013

 EMMS International are please to announce the publication of Inspiring Hope: Helping churches to care for the sick. A palliative care handbook from Africa.

42% of countries do not have any palliative care services and 80% of people globally lack adequate access to pain medication.

The church is ideally placed to change this, to serve their communities by bringing people comfort and practical support.This handbook is a resource for church leaders, volunteers and members to support the delivery of palliative care in their communities.


Inspiring Hope was launched on Wednesday 18th September 2013. The handbook is being distributed to all delegates at Spanning Diseases, Crossing Borders 2013 - the annual conference of the African Palliative Care Association.

James Wells (EMMS International Chief Executive) and Dr Jane Bates (Author) will also be showcasing the handbook in a workshop at the conference entitled Spirituality in palliative care, finding a common definition and lessons for the wider health agenda.


Rev Thabo Makgoba, Archbisop of Capetown:

“This handbook is a wonderful guide to how we can communicate Christ’s tender compassion and care, which circumstances cannot diminish, to those who are coming to the end of their lives.

“In clear, tangible, down-to-earth, ways, it assists church communities, leaders and members to understand more about palliative care, and how we can best contribute. It helps us review what we are currently doing and provides resources so that we may be more effectively engaged.“ 

About the Handbook

Written by Dr. Jane Bates, the handbook draws on her 15 years of experience as a medical doctor in South Africa and Malawi. It also incorporates the knowledge of EMMS International's partners and others working in palliative care.

The book is designed to be a practical resource. It is layed out in an accessible format, ideal for group discussion and individual study. It contains five key sections:

  1. Palliative care and the church - What is palliative care and what is the role of the church?
  2. Inspiration - Reflection, teaching and motivation for involvement.
  3. Stories to make us think - Examples of what the church is already doing.
  4. Resources for action - Tools to help you apply what you've learned.
  5. References, contacts and tools - Signposts to further reading and useful contacts.


This handbook was made possible through funding by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

If you are interested in having copies of the handbook to support international palliative care please contact us for further information.

The handbook is available to download here.

Interested in using "Inspiring Hope"

If you are interested in having copies of the handbook to support international palliative care please contact us for further information.

The handbook is available to download here.

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