Jerry @ Drakenstein June 16 Youth Week. 25-28/6/2012

The Drakenstein municipality had planned the youth week celebration in conjunction with the June 16 youth celebration and also June being regarded as the month of youth.
The planning for this event already started with the first meeting in April and was followed up with two other meetings in May month and the beginning of June. Three meetings were held overall before the event could take place. The event was held from the 25th – 28th June 2012 at Thusong Centre, Paarl East.
Different stakeholders were invited to these meetings to deliberate and plan for this event. Government and municipal departments in the Drakenstein area were invited and also NGO’s, FBO’s, Universities, Local Schools and everyone else who had an interest in the development of youth.
The whole week was in a form of Exhibitions and social awareness -, career guidance - and participatory workshops. All the stakeholders were asked to come and exhibit what they offer and CABSA took the opportunity to network and make the organization known and distribute free resources that were youth focused, that we got from CLF.
Apart from the young people going to all exhibitions in the main hall, they were then invited to attend the social awareness and participatory democracy workshops in small lectures halls which were organized by the Drakenstein municipality. It was a full day program which saw each day welcome 90 young people from different schools in the area in full school uniform to attend the event.
It was a well organized event and fully attended by all those who were involved and we thank the Drakenstein municipality for the organizing of the event and the opportunity that was afforded us as CABSA to make the organization known, but to at the same time impart something in the lives of the young people.

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