La Verna TTF 27 February to 4 March 2012


Different people, from different nationalities, languages and tongues converged at La Verna from the 27th of February to the 4th of March 2012, to embark on a very interesting journey of their lives – much to their surprise. The experience iced with the assessments and the cherry on top being the special evening turned out to be indeed a very special event in the lives of the new facilitators.

The training team (Anita and Ian Rushton; Efraim Oppelt, Jerry Sesoko from the CABSA office and myself, Minenhle Moyo) did not miss out on the experience. Led by Ian Rushton, we each had expectations that spelt out the desire to grow in our relationships with facilitators, serve one another in the team, be better trainers who are sensitive and willing to take direction from the Lord. By the end of the training we were saying that God is faithful, because He carried us right through it and we each reported having gotten what we hoped for.

We were honoured to have the CABSA Director with us throughout the training, and her participation and input greatly enriched the whole training package. I am sure it was also a blessing for the participants to meet and connect with Lyn Van Rooyen. Such participation always adds ‘weight’ (meaningful) to any initiative, so this was a real honour.

As with any training or event that has ups and downs, this one had its own ranging from logistical issues to having the lead trainer feeling not well! we were however glad that through it all, we were one big bunch of people who had changed so much of our own attitudes and allowed ourselves to be soaked to the point of being willing to allow God to use us as Channels of Hope, trainers and facilitators alike. For some there were deeper issues to deal with than others, but together, the journey was worth taking.

One participant had this to say about the training. “HIV and AIDS is most certainly not a distant thing anymore. It affects me day and night and has now affected me at a personal level, but not at a level of duty or obligation. It has become who, how and what I am as I learnt to deal with the real emotions that directly affected me. This has been a journey of introspection, not dealing with what I think people affected go through, but genuinely goes through those emotions myself. I thank God for the transformation He has done in my life.

Personally, it was such a relief to know none of us have to carry any load, or work so hard to figure out answers to ‘tough stuff’. But depending on God, and letting Him use each of us in the journeys of the facilitators was a wow moment whose key no trainer wants to lose, it unlocks the doors to many hearts that the Lord would transform to the salt and light of the earth. It was a privilege to take part in such a training.

By Minenhle Moyo

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