Lead Trainers Capacity Building Workshop, Zikomo 4-6 February 2011

Each one of the CABSA training team members with whom I have worked is a remarkable person. Each one is competent, creative, sensitive, dedicated, and rooted. Without fail, CABSA training team members work well in a team. The CABSA family feels like a very healthy family! But before becoming a lead trainer, I didn’t fully grasp the responsibility of the lead trainer. In some training teams, the lead trainer does not seem to facilitate notably more sessions than the others on the training team. Since taking on lead trainer responsibilities, however, I have come to realize that lead trainer responsibilities are, indeed, different. Being a lead trainer requires a different sense of awareness and attentiveness—to the nuisances of training content, to potential emerging tensions among those gathered, to energy levels and special interests of the group, and to the unique opportunities that emerge when two dozen creative and experienced and gifted facilitators-in-training gather together. Before this weekend, I hadn’t had a chance to be with other who understand these lead trainer responsibilities. 
Spending the weekend with fellow lead trainers gave me the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others—in terms of training methodology, in terms of specific training themes, and in terms of managing the training team. It also gave us the chance to debate together how to best convey the concepts of HIV competence—a new framework for approaching the themes of church and community mobilization. 
In addition, the laughter, good food, bible reflections, late night beach walks, and deep philosophical discussions gave me the chance to refuel personally. Thank you, CABSA family!


Report by Rebecca Vander Meulen

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