Lyn and Jan @ Microsoft's "ICTs for NGOs" Day. 15/03/2010

From the invitation:

"As part of its aims to strengthen its role and contribution to the NGO sector, Microsoft, together with SANGONeT will be hosting a one-day seminar on 15 March 2010 at the Microsoft offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg, to discuss ways in which NGOs can use ICTs more strategically.

In the State of ICTs in the South African NGO Sector 2009 survey, conducted by World Wide Worx on behalf of SANGONeT, and sponsored by Microsoft and the NDA, it was found that technology is increasingly impacting on all aspects of the NGO sector. The study showed that for the first time NGO decision-makers are becoming adept at cutting edge tools like mobile applications and social networking services. However, these are mostly being used in their personal capacity, with half of all respondents using local social networking services, but only 6% of them using it in pursuit of the goals of their organisations. The benefit of the pervasiveness of the personal use of advanced tools will be a faster adoption of these tools and methodologies, going forward. It is anticipated that many new platforms and applications, primarily focused on mobility, will become the mainstay of technology adoption in the NGO sector."

Lyn tweeted from the session:


·    Mahad Ibrahim: Stop thinking about technologies, think about information as driver of success. 9:33 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    ICT is an enabler of development, not a product 9:40 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    In many cases familiarity and not expertise is needed 9:41 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    ICT is nothing without users, but effective use requires trust. 9:54 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    Participant highlights challenge of resource allocations - ICT - especially hardware - is expensive! 9:58 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    Matthew de Gale: Findings from research; State of ICTs in SA NGO sector. 10:11 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·   Is the uce of ICT making a difference in their ability to serve their constituencies? 10:14 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    800 NGOs - lack in-depth IT function or capacity. NGOs are 'surprisingly mainstream'. Very similar to comparative SME 10:19 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    ADSL use of organisations in the study in SA is 77percent. Websites are not mobile friendly, yet mobile internet is key method of access 10:32 AM Mar 15th via mobile web
·    Do you know about the SANGOTeCH program providing heavily subsidised software and it, including Microsoft products 11:44 AM Mar 15th via mobile web


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