Lyn @ Community Building Workshop. 2-3/03/2010

I attended the Community Building workshop with Peter Block and Symphonia for South Africa.  These workshops are "about the nature of real transformation and what kind of leadership is required to achieve it."

The workshops focus strongly on possibilities, rather than problems, an approach we have spoken about after the African Religious Health Assets Conference and our visit in Kenia where we learnt about the SALT methodology

Tweets from the workshop included:

·    At Community Building Workshop' 7:42 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Our relatedness is a prerequisite for the change we want. Peter Block 9:42 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Change the world one room at the time - connection is more important than content 9:45 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    The small group is the unit of transformation, especially if observed by other small groups. 9:47 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    The enemy of nation-building is like-mindedness. 9:48 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Message to leaders; I need you to hold your certainty a little more lightly, to create space for my voice to be heard. 11:52 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    We don't create a future that is different from the past by continuing the old 'problem solving' conversation. 11:55 AM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Participant: Sometimes we view a crossroad as a cul de sac or a destination rather than a crossroad! 12:36 PM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Community is a place where parents become partners, where leaders do not own 'their people', where communities are accountable. 2:39 PM Mar 2nd via mobile web
·    Will continue from the Community Building workshop tomorrow. Hopefully Peter Block will be there - after his passport and travel challenges! 6:38 PM Mar 2nd via web
·    The task of leadership is a convening capacity - creating space to confront citizens with their freedom to create the future 8:49 AM Mar 3rd via mobile web
·    Participant's comment; we are not friends or enemies, we just are 12:07 PM Mar 3rd via mobile web
·    Participant: I am not going to outsource any part of my life to anyone else. 12:08 PM Mar 3rd via mobile web
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