Lyn @ Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) HIV Consultation in Chiang Mai 20-22/3/2011

Lyn was privileged to join fifty members and partners of EAA who participated in an EAA HIV Consultation in Chiang Mai, Thailand in March 20-22, 2011. The consultation was hosted by the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), in collaboration with the Church of Christ in Thailand AIDS Ministry (CAM).

The consultation was an opportunity for EAA members and partners to meet together face-to-face to share and evaluate experiences and to broaden and deepen their joint work, both in plans for action and in theological reflection and understanding.

EAA described the consultation as follows:

“With 2010 having been the target year for fulfilment of key governmental commitments on HIV and AIDS (specifically concerning universal access to prevention, treatment, care and support), 2011 is seen as a vital year for assessing progress, analyzing and learning from past experiences, and re-focusing advocacy efforts and strategies in order to contribute to a renewed momentum in the global response to HIV, so that unmet targets are not ignored and are ultimately achieved.

This consultation will take place in the mid-term of the current “Live the Promise” Campaign Framework (2009-2012). It is thus timely to take stock of the campaign thus far, to consolidate our efforts and to envision the work that remains to be done.”

CABSA was chosen as one of the four case studies presented at the consultation, and Lyn had the opportunity to share a presentation on “Inviting Channels of Hope Facilitators on a Gender Journey”

Key presentations (including CABSA's!) can be downloaded from the EAA website

Participants had the opportunity to visit local faith based projects. Lyn said: "During my visit to a local Buddhist temple with a long running HIV project, I realised again that people of different faith backgrounds are all motivated by compassion."

Following the consultation, the EAA held a one-day workshop to enhance the participation of faith-based organizations in Global Fund processes.

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(Photo Credit EAA)

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