Lyn @ National Consultation Of Churches And Christian Organisations In Response To The Plight Of OVCs. 5-6/11/2009

 I took my first steps in using Twitter during this conference - the 'tweets' are immediately available on Twitter at lyn4caris as well as the front page of the website:

My Tweets from the Conference were only via the Twitter website at this stage:

·    At National Consultation Of Churches And Christian Organisations In Response To The Plight Of OVCs. Will submit highlights 8:44 AM Nov 5th, 2009 via web
·    Should a mother live or die due to a ‘luck factor’ – being on treatment or not? Are we involved enough in advocacy for universal access? 10:19 AM Nov 5th, 2009 via web
·    From the presentation by Dr Elijah Mahlangu – 530 children are raped in South Africa per day, only 60 of these are reported. 11:37 AM Nov 5th, 2009 via web
·    Dr Connie Kganakga The only way to address anger in our society is to provide for nurturing a child– a child cannot be nurtured by a grant! 10:35 AM Nov 6th, 2009 via web
· Robert Botha: In South Africa the poor are looking after the destitute while we are living comfortable lives and always ask for more 12:07 PM Nov 6th, 2009 via web

More on the Conference from the James !:27 Trust website, where you can also access extensive documentation on the conference

In April 2008, the National Initiative for the Reformation of South Africa (NIRSA) was launched, the purpose of which was to chart a map for the reformation agenda for the country and to consolidate the battle facing the giants as identified at SACLA II. 

The NIRSA declaration marks a historic document setting out the battle plan for the body of Christ in bringing a “rebirth of hope, faith, confidence and renewed vision of what our nation can be under God”.

In particular, the NIRSA declaration in response to the orphans and vulnerable children crisis states: “We resolve to explore how the church, along with the government and appropriate NGO’s can embrace in a new way the huge challenges before our nation of dealing with the poor, marginalised and destitute, most especially orphans, widows and refugees. One logical extension of this concern is for Christian couples to be open in new ways to adopting orphans”.

In order to give practical expression to the above mandate, NIRSA in collaboration with the James 1:27 Trust has taken up the challenge of arranging a National Consultation. The Consultation has been constructed around 4-key sessions, each having subject matter experts working within a team to prepare a draft document which will be circulated to all delegates before the event. Delegates will be able to make an input and an edited draft will be tabled for further consultation. The intention is to use the actual 2-day event to focus on some of the more difficult and challenging issues. The hope is that by October much of the substance will already have been covered by the delegates and that the actual consultation will result in a final document which will enjoy broad consensus.



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