Lyn @ OM/Pro Christo Missions Conference. 8/09

CABSA realises that missionaries, especially those in Africa and Asia, have a specific need to be “HIV competent” and to deal with the challenges HIV poses in their work. 

CABSA uses various opportunities to make this group aware of the services we provide that can support and equip them in their often very challenging work. 

CABSA was for the second year represented at the Missionsfest in Pretoria, and also placed advertisements in the Missionsfest magazine. We use our relationship with the Christian Literature Fund to advertise to users of their catalogue, many of whom are involved in missions work. 

In August, CABSA was for the first time represented at the PRO Christo/OM Missions Conference in Kabwe in Zambia.

More than 500 missionaries and organisations from Africa and abroad used every minute of the three and a half days to equip themselves to do their work as well as possible.

Nico and Alma Leonard, trained CoH facilitators from AIDS Hope South Africa presented a lively and well-attended introductory HIV workshop.

Lyn van Rooyen, representing CABSA, speaks of the eagerness of especially the Zambians to learn.  “There was a huge amount of interest in our stall and so many requests for Channels of Hope training, or any resources.  The booklets I took were hopelessly inadequate.  We also had a number of applications for resource packs.”

This interest from people and organisations which might not otherwise hear of CABSA, emphasised the importance of CABSA’s representation and participation at a diverse range of events.

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