A Mapping on Sexuality, Human Rights and the Role of Religious Leaders: Exploring the Potential for Dialogue.

 Report by the Knowledge Centre Religion and Development, Brenda Bartelink and Erik Meinema. Commissioned by Hivos

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From the Foreword by Brenda Barteling:
"The first idea for this mapping on sexuality, human rights and the role of religious leaders emerged in autumn 2013, when HIVOS and the Knowledge Centre Religion and Development participated in a couple of events that all addressed the challenges around religion and sexuality. 1 The ‘Open for Change’ conference organized by HIVOS is an example.2 One of the programmatic lines addressed “tough dilemmas”. Tough dilemmas point us to the complexity of the problems people in the world are facing. Sexuality as a theme brings at the surface such tough dilemmas. It works as a magnifying glass on issues that play a role in development and social change, but may not be recognized as such. Religion is an important issue that features in the complexities around sexuality in many countries around the world."

"The Knowledge Centre Religion and Development (KCRD) at Stichting Oikos aims to increase the attention for the roles and meanings of religion in the lives of people worldwide. Dutch society is highly secularized and the freedom of individuals to make their own decisions has become an increasingly important value. The idea that religion is often hindering rather than liberating has become influential. However, religious leaders and organizations have potential for contributing to or motivating processes of social change. This potential is often overlooked or sidelined. The KCRD is dedicated to sharing alternative stories, and bringing out voices that are not so often heard."

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