A Meditation: Faith Lost and Found

Year B (2011-2012)
Bible Book: 
2 Corinthians / 2 Korintiers
Verse (to): 

The following is inspired by KinMun Lee, whose daughter Faith went missing last Friday night and how they were reunited with her later on.  

When we read accounts of heroes of faith, I wonder, if we thought we could never, ever reach that level of faith and exploits?  In our wildest imagination, we come to believe the saints lived in rarified atmosphere while we sinners are stuck with muddy waters on our flesh in daily struggles.

What if God’s requiring of us is just a simple faith, weak and helpless though it may be?  And sometimes we may lose faith in life’s journey but that is God’s plan to help us to grow with Him, to learn to trust Him more and then He restores faith to us again.

And what if faith is just like an ordinary person, a little girl if you like?  And while holding on to Faith in a crowd too busy minding their own business or absorbed in their own little virtual world to notice you ~ she broke free and you lost Faith…

"We lost Faith at Dhoby Ghaut Stn. She's 11, autistic & can't talk, in white top, gray skirt. Please take her to station control if you see her."

It’s true that Dhoby Ghaut Station is probably one of Singapore's worst station interchanges to lose a child like Faith with three intersecting lines on a Friday during peak hours.  It is a maddening crowd and utter helplessness for the Lees.  But they never gave up hope.

"This is what Faith looks like. If you see her at Dhoby Ghaut station area, pls take to station control. She is autistic, age 11, wearing white top & gray skirt.

Is it possible that my faith can be personified in this girl: weak, helpless and cannot even talk?  That this faith somehow could be different from the fire and brimstones that prophets of old easily rain down on their enemies with nary a finger lifted?

Yet, if we look closer, isn’t this nearer to the picture we have of Jesus?  Though rich he became poor, though a king, he became a servant and though guileless, he became helpless and gave himself for us that we might become courageous and faithful and give ourselves in return and manifest God’s preferential love for the poor.

"Faith was last seen on Bishan train at 6.50pm heading towards Harborfront. If you see her on the train or stations please take her to staff."

In the midst of our anxiety, we imagine the worst and wondere if God has somehow abandoned us.  But what if all this while He was waiting for you to ask but you have forgotten or don’t know how?  If you did, He would have sent His angels to point the way.

Would it be too farfetched to wonder if Izzwan, the station’s staff who brought Faith out of the train at Telok Blangah Station, might be an angel in disguise?  After all, they are ministering spirits and some earthlings have had the privilege to host them unawares.

"We found Faith at Telok Blangah Station! Thank you all for your help!

Faith lost.  An anxious adventure ensued.  Faith weak, helpless and can’t talk yet God was never far away.  In fact, He set His angels round about us.  Faith found.  Did we notice God at work?  He doesn’t ask for a big leap but faith as is apportioned to us.  Faith may look as small as a mustard seed, it must still go through the test of fire and found approved.

So don’t be afraid to lose, or rather, to step out in faith.  He has demanded it and He will test it.  But He will also provide for it.  Along the way, if you look hard enough ~ you will meet angels in disguise and friends unexpected, to carry you through.

Thoughts to ponder: In your journey with HIV and AIDS have you lost Faith? How has God restored Faith, and how has He grown you thorough the experience. Has he brought an "angel" to your side to help you find Faith again, or an "angel" to have Faith on your behalf? If you are still looking for Faith take this opportunity to step out in Faith and trust in Him for He is good.

By Vincent Law 

AIDSLink International, Singapore.


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