NACOSA Workshop, 26-27 June 2012 - Cape Town, Western Cape

I, Meloney had attended the NACOSA Basic Financial Management Workshop on 26 and 27 June 2012 at MowbrayTown Hall, Mowbray by Facilitator Bernadette Leideman.


The training had include the following topics :

           Compile and use a budget

           Receive and receipt funds

           Utilize a petty cash system

           Conduct basic banking transactions in accordance with organizational procedures

           Compile a basic financial report

           Describe and implement financial policies and controls for an NGO

           Arrange for an annual review for the organization


My experience or opinion about this training:  I am really blessed to attend this training.  Although I work on a day-to-day basis with these topics, I have come to realization that CABSA are on standard with the protocol measurements to have a strongly, visibility and legally operating financial system.


Facilitator had emphasized the impotency of reporting to Funders.   


For me personal I have learned that you need to refresh your skills in order to improve your abilities to do your work more sufficiently.


The workshop were attended by 20 participants, from different NGO which have either an operational or management function at their organization.  Facilitator shared with us that 75 registrations were received, from which they can only selected 30 people to attend this training.


Written by Meloney Goliath


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