Nelis and Lyn @ Understanding and Mainstreaming HIV & AIDS-Competence For Churches 10/09

Nelis reports: 

From 12-15 October, 2009, Lyn and Nelis attended the consultation on “Understanding and mainstreaming HIV & Aids-competence for churches” in Nairobi, Kenya. This consultation has been organised by EHAIA (Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa – World Council of Churches) Southern & Eastern Africa.The group
For four days participants representing the following organisations met: Family Health International- Regional Technical Advisor for Children and Youth (Africa), Fikelela AIDS Project-Anglican Diocese of Cape Town, The Constellation, CORAT Africa, EHAIA Eastern Africa Region, PACANET, FECCLAHA, African Christian Health Association Platform, CUAHA, CARIS, FECCLAHA, All Africa Conference of Churches, World Council of Churches, DIFAEM, Kenya Competence Trust, Southern African Research Council, FOCCISA, Heythrop College, CABSA, United Bible Societies Africa, UNERELA+, EHAIA Southern Africa Region, Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya, St Pauls University, Organisation of African Instituted Churches, Nazarene Compassionate Organisation.
Space was created to listen to numerous stories from participants and organisations.Learning about SALT in KithutuniThese were complemented by a field visit to a community programme facilitated by the Salvation Army in Kithutuni .All participants were deeply touched by the courage, strength and hope of the HIV action group they met.
You can read a report on the visit from the AIDS Constellation here.
 Discussions during the consultation focussed on the following aspects of HIV competence:
  • A definition of HIV competent congregations
  • Approach to HIV competence
  • Measurement of HIV competence
  • Scale
  • Addressing issues and drivers of the epidemic
  • Faith context
  • Service and systems

Continuous discussion on the different aspects of HIV competent congregations resulted in very stimulating guidelines for taking up the challenge to grow to be compassionate HIV competent communities.

All participants agreed that the consultation challenged them to take lessons learned to their own organisations and programmes and to find ways of implementing what they have learned.

 It was not all serious work! Ricardo kept everyone awake and invlolved and even inspired Lyn, Marai and April to be an elephant!

Lyn, Marian and April



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