New Friends Report Highlights the Role of the Faith Community in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 21/01/2015

Published by Friends of the Global Fight.
16 December 2014
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Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria today released "A Critical Partnership: The Lifesaving Collaboration Between the Global Fund and Faith-Based Organizations," a report which details the strong partnership between the Global Fund and the faith community and highlights opportunities for further engagement. "The faith community has been providing lifesaving prevention, care and treatment in many countries even before many bilateral and multilateral health institutions were established," said Deb Derrick, Friends' President. "Faith-based organizations have been integral partners to the Global Fund since its earliest days. Friends developed this report to recognize the role that they have played and to highlight opportunities for deepened collaboration." The Global Fund, the world's largest public health financier, was designed to pursue its mission against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria through a partnership model, relying on local leaders, bilateral organizations, the private sector, technical partners, advocates of public health and civil society organizations - including faith-based organizations - to implement the programs it funds. Close collaboration with the faith community is particularly important to the success of Global Fund programs; churches, mosques, synagogues and other faith-based organizations (FBOs) play a role at all stages of its operations. In addition to identifying opportunities for collaboration between FBOs and the Global Fund, Friends' report quantifies current levels of engagement. For example, through mid-2014, 61 Global Fund grants had been signed by FBOs as Principal Recipients in 28 countries. FBO grants account for more than $900 million in cumulative disbursements since the Global Fund's inception in 2002. Since 2010, the last time this data was collected, there are 17 new faith-based PRs and an additional $520 million in disbursements to FBOs. In recent years, the Global Fund has created expanded opportunities for the meaningful involvement of civil society organizations, including FBOs, in designing, monitoring and implementing programs. There are many roles for FBOs to play: as implementers, technical advisors and advocates, among others. "To ensure its investments have long-term impact, the Global Fund is committed to continuing a strong partnership with the faith community," said Derrick. "No matter the religious affiliation, members of the faith community have always been, and will continue to be, critical to Global Fund operations." FRIENDS OF THE GLOBAL FIGHT AGAINST AIDS, TUBERCULOSIS AND MALARIA Friends of the Global Fight works to end the worldwide burden of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. We educate, engage and mobilize U.S. decision-makers to support the Global Fund, the world's largest public health financier. For more information about Friends of the Global Fight, visit

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