Nonceba @ Missionsfest 02/2009

CARIS represented CABSA in exhibitions at Missionsfest Pretoria in 2008 and 2009. In 2009 Nonceba represented CABSA and CARIS at some of the sessions:

1. On Friday 19 February 2009 I attended a session on

Missions to the Rural &Poor. The seminar covered various strategies in reaching out to the poor and rural areas. The presenter highlighted on how a lot of missionaries go to mission with a mindset of saving the world rather than caring and loving the world. He shared also on the importance of knowing the needs of the population in the area.

2. 20th February 2009

Our Response to HIV/AIDS

In this seminar we discussed HIV/AIDS in the church and how the church can strategically respond to HIV/AIDS.

We also discussed about the fears that the church have on HIV/AIDS and the support we as a Christian community can give to our church community and the church as a whole. We asked the question what would Jesus do? The conclusion was we have to be vessels of hope and love.

Financing your Mission

Finances in missions are still a big problem but I learnt that if we correctly prioritise; we should make the smaller issues on missions much easier. It shouldn’t be a burden to raise funds but it takes a lot of work to keep track and find the right donors or financial supporters

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