Nonceba @ Prescription for Life in Soweto. 06/09

“Prescription for Life” - Advocacy by children in Soweto

Nonceba Ravuku 

About “Prescription for Life” 

Young people around the world are being encouraged to take action to help children living with HIV through an action guide launched on Universal Children’s Day, 20 November.

The guide, “Prescription for Life” provides information and resources for schools, families, faith groups and communities to empower young people to write letters to pharmaceutical companies and governments to improve testing and treatment for infants and children living with HIV. 

Writing letters

I had an amazing time on the 4 June 2009, a school allowed Paul Jeffrrey and myself to come in and take photos of the kids writing letters to the Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoeledi requesting improved treatment and facilitities for children living with HIV. This was an amazing session with the Grade 7s from Isaacson Primary School in Rockville, Soweto. 

The previous week I went to the same class to have dialogue with the teenagers on HIV and challenges children who are infected and affected by HIV face in their communities and at school. I was amazed by the vigilance, honesty and willingness to be involved in programs that would make their environment and communities a better place. 

I was also saddened by the burden that these kids carry in their homes and schools, how desperate they are to see change in their communities. 

So writing letters to the Minister of Health was such a motivation for them, knowing that they may make a difference in somebody else’s life.

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