Organisation for Paediatric Support in South Africa (OPSSA)

The Organisation for Paediatric Support in South Africa (OPSSA) is a non-profit organisation that started with activities in 2011 in order to empower children and their families in healthcare. Although medical science and technology advanced rapidly over the last years, sadly enough the psychosocial support of children in healthcare lagged far behind. Children often find hospitalisation and other healthcare experiences very traumatic: they don’t have any control over what is happening around them and to their bodies, they don’t understand what is happening and often even harbour a lot of misconceptions about the experience. The aim of OPSSA is first of all to promote quality healthcare for all children by creating awareness for the plight of children in healthcare and to provide healthcare workers and parents with information on how to support children during a healthcare experience. Information is also provided to children so that they can understand their own bodies, what is happening to them and what their specific illness is all about.

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