A Participant`s Perspective. 15/09/2015

Written by Prudence Bhebhe

August 2015

The Churches Channels of Hope express training was an epic and new phenomenon to me. The whole experience was more of a learning board for me and my other fellow participants. I learned a cocktail of new things about HIV and related issues which helped me in understanding and appreciation of the HIV infected world we now live in. Our trainers were very energetic and viable and made sure that we had a grasp of everything they were dishing out. They were very time cautious, understanding and made sure that no stone was left unturned. 

We engaged in activities such as the “HIV and the immune system”. The whole objective of this activity was for us to learn and understand the relationship between the body, the immune system and the HI Virus. The other important thing I really enjoyed about the whole training is the fact that I got to meet new faces with different perspectives coming from different organizations who were as much hungry, determined and eager to learn as I was. We were given the opportunities to interact with other participants through the facilitation training session which greatly helped me in boosting my self-confidence. 

The whole training was truly a game changer as it challenged our attitudes towards HIV and AIDS and how we can best become effective and reliable channels of Hope in a world with HIV and AIDS. 

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