Petition to the World Council of Churches - Please support!

Health and Healing – Healing is part of the churches’ mission and has to remain at the core of the work of Christian communities as well as the World Council of Churches.

What’s it all about?

For more than 2000 years, acts of healing have characterized the life and essence of Christian communities. They are central to the mission of local parishes as well as to the charitable work of churches around the world.

We are worried that issues of 'Health and Healing' will not be represented as an independent programme within the World Council of Churches following the General Assembly in Busan in November this year.

What needs to happen?

Together with our partners we have drafted an appeal pleading to preserve the WCC’s health work. The Appeal can be read below.

We are asking you to take note of this document and to add weight to the concern through your signature. We are collecting the names of all supporters and will forward them to the WCC’s Central Committee.


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