Prayer for CABSA - AGM 2006

Dear Lord

We come to you as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Father, God, 

We believe that you are the creator and Sustainer of life.
We believe this for the lives of each of us, but also for the life of this organisation.
Thank you, Lord, for what CABSA  has achieved - particularly in the last year. 
We know that nothing would have been possible without your grace and power.
We admit our dependence on You in the year ahead.
We pray for the resources we require -
for the energy and enthusiasm of all involved in the work of CABSA,
for endurance and innovation in our thoughts,
for the financial and infrastructure needs to realise our dreams. 
For each part of our work, we pray for your provision

Lord Jesus, we pray to you as the source of our hope. 

We pray that we may be effective messengers of your hope in a world darkened by pain. 
We pray particularly for those close to us that are facing personal and health challenges, 
the pain and uncertainty of a recent diagnosis,
the challenges of medication side effects,
the questions about the future.
Lord we pray for your healing presence in their and in our lives
and we pray that we may be your presence in a broken world and in a broken church.
Jesus, remind us also that you are a God of justice.
As the messengers of your justice, remind us of our role in challenging injustice, inequalities, discrimination and stigma.

 Holy Spirit, comforter and presence in our life,

We pray for your wisdom and presence in our lives and in this organisation.
We pray for your wisdom when dealing with the challenges we face in a world influenced by HIV
We pray for insight and compassion in our responses, so that we can truly care for each other.
We pray for your abundant blessings on CABSA and on each one at this meeting.
We offer you our service

Use us, Lord, Teach us to truly be the church today so that we may honour the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit




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