Preparing more Channels of Hope. June 2014

On Monday, 2 June, another CABSA Training of Facilitators started with 30 participants and a competent training team of 6 members. The Training continued for 6 days till lunch time on Sunday, 8 June. 'Tunde Fowe of Nigeria was the lead trainer of the team who helped to keep everybody focused and engaged. The programme, loaded with knowledge on HIV and AIDS, opportunities to practice Facilitation Skills and guided by Christian Principles, kept people involved and interested.

It was the first time that this format of training was done – the majority of the participants (25 people) came from one particular community in the Eden Park area in Gauteng. The rest of the participants came from Kenya and Zambia.

The participants all seemed excited about the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to be used in their different faith communities. Here follow a few comments from participants: 

  • I especially appreciated the inclusion of material aimed at examining our attitudes and the understandings which took us all on a journey.
  • This has changed my mind set.  Thank you. Thank you!!
  • It gave me a good understanding and skills.
  • The explanation brought a great challenge to me.
  • It was my first time being part of training such as this, but I don’t regret being here. Well done.

Through the grace of God and the financial support of our stakeholders, CABSA had the opportunity to help empower people in order to address the challenge of HIV and AIDS in our communities.

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