Programme Management

The initial development of this part of the website formed part of the capacity building programme of  Prisma.

Prisma is an association of Christian development organizations that consider poverty alleviation part of their communal responsibility. HIV and AIDS is a central aspect of the work of many of these organisations. In 2004, an extensive consultation process and investigation was launched including the Prisma organisations involved in HIV and Aids, and their partner organisations addressing the pandemic in Southern Africa. In this process a need for organisational capacity building was identified. A comprehensive capacity building plan was developed, which includes this portion of the website.

 Here you will find a variety of information resources from the southern and Northern partners as well as other NGO sources that will help you run a project more efficiently and effectively, taking your project to new heights.  These resources are from external sources and are suggested as guideline.  CABSA and CARIS does not necessarily endorse everything in these resources.


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