Regional Representatives 2015

What is a CABSA representative?
CABSA has people who 'represent' the organisation in many different ways; Staff, Board and Management Committee members, Facilitators etc.

A special group within the orgaisation is the people we call 'representatives'.

One of the ways in which CABSA, a small organisation with limited resources, expands our capacity is through part time and ad hoc agreements with CABSA Representatives.  CABSA representatives are trained Churches, Channels of Hope facilitators who share CABSA’s dream of caring Christian communities, ministering reconciliation and hope in a world with HIV and commit to assist the organisation in various ways.These are not CABSA employees, but volunteers or people with whom we 'contract' for a few hours a month.

A CABSA regional representative is a member of the CABSA mentoring team who is specifically allocated to build and maintain relationships with a group of facilitators from a specific region. Lead trainers of the CABSA Churches, Channels of Hope programme represents CABSA in a special way during training. All CABSA representatives may also from time to time represent CABSA at events and in initial discussions with other organisations and networks.

CABSA regional representatives will contact trained facilitators in the area they represent and will offer them support.  You are also welcome to contact your regional representative if you need any support, encouragement, prayer or other guidance.

What if there is no CABSA representative in the province or region I stay?
We aim to identify a CABSA representative for all the regions in Africa where there is a cluster of trained facilitators. However, this is not always possible. If you need any assistance or support you are most welcome to contact Aneleh Fourie-Le Roux, the mentor coordinator, with your requests and needs.

Meet your Regional Representatives......
First, meet them all together, with Aneleh, Jerry and Lyn at the capacity building weekend in January 2011:

And now you can meet the rest of them individually!


Eduardo Sassa
Contact details:
Tel:     +27 021 873 0028




East Africa

Kiarie Mwenda

Contact Details:

 Kiari also often part of the Churches, Channes of Hope facilitator training team



Maureen Kabey
Contact Details:
Cell:    +26659738259 +26659738259


Lloyd Khanyanga

Contact Details:

Lloyd went through the CABSA training in August 2006 at Mazenod, South Africa. He has worked in an HIV and AIDS project for close to ten years now. Apart from working with different groups and institutions in Malawi, he has facilitated HIV and AIDS workshops in South Africa and Ghana. Lloyd is fulltime involved with the organisation, FLAEM. FLAEM has offices at Luchenza in Thuchila House and Mulanje at Nkhonya Trading Centre (Turn off to Mulanje Mission Hospital). Lloyd is usually at one of these offices. However he sometimes works from his house in Blantyre. If you are in one of these places feel free to contact him.

Lloyd can be contacted at 002651664723002651664723/002658841619.


Rebecca Van der Meulen
Contact Details:
Cell:     +258 82 668 9990

Western and Central Africa

Tunde Fowe

Contact Details:

Tunde is often part of the Churches, Channes of Hope facilitator training team and acts a lead trainer. 


Stembiso Sibanda
Contact Details:
Cell:       00263 778 363 314



South Africa: Free State

Puleng Rampai

Contact Details:

Cell: +27 (0)82 346 9794

I work in the Department of Education, in the Section called Inclusive Education in which we are giving support to the learners experiencing barriers to learning. I am a Life Skills, HIV & AIDS master trainer and a Coordinator for Life Skills in the District. I have been training since 1998.
In 2007 I was trained as a CABSA Facilitator. This gave me a new perspective of HIV & AIDS because I then started to look at it with the eyes of heaven. It pushed me into the Bible where I found my responsibility as a Christian.
The advantage of being a CABSA facilitator is that, the organization supports, empower and gives you all the tools you need for the work. I am proud of being part of CABSA their information is always updated and I use it whenever I am given a platform to say or do anything on HIV & AIDS.

South Africa: Gauteng

Minenhle Moyo

Contact Details:

Hello. My name is Minenhle Melody Moyo, you can call me Minie. I live in Pretoria, married with 3 beautiful girls. My journey with CABSA began in December 2005 when I trained as a facilitator and has grown over the years. I enjoy being a part of this family because I get to meet other facilitators, share experiences and grow. Working together in this region of Gauteng, I look forward to us shinning as Channels of Hope - together.

Mini will start to make contact with you from July, but with almost 100 facilitators in Gauteng, it might take a while before she personally contacts you. If in the mean time you need her assistance you are most welcome to contact her.

Nonceba Maud Ravuku
Contact details:

Cell:          +27 (0)76 303 9969



Janine Ward
Contact Details:

Cell:        +27 (0)82 956 0048



South Africa: KwaZulu Natal

Ian Rushton

Contact details:
Tel: +27 082 448 7113+27 82 448 7113+27 082 448 7113




South Africa: Northern Cape 

Paulus De Wet
Contact Details:
Cell:   079 876 5578079 876 5578  





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