Resources for the Christian HIV Response. (Archived in April 2018)

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People sometimes find it strange that we speak about HIV and a Christian Response, or a Christian response to AIDS.

In the book “Development and Faith”, the authors, Katherine Marshall and Marisa van Saanen, devote a chapter to faith communities and HIV. In this chapter they say the following about “Information”:  “Teams working on HIV/AIDS at the local level are hungry for information, especially about what works and what does not. Using the diverse communication channels and networks of faith networks creatively and well is one option.”

It is part of the dream of CARIS that churches and faith communities not only become “Channels of Hope”, but also become “Channels of Knowledge and Information” about HIV and the church's response to HIV. Since 2004 CARIS has made a lot of progress in being a source of accurate and reliable information for churches responding to HIV. We have a wonderful resource centre at our offices in Randburg, we have helped organisations set up local resource centres and we have provided a comprehensive service through our webpage and electronic tools.
We know that there is a sector of the Southern African Christian Community responding to HIV that cannot access the electronic services we provide. We have looked at various ways to also provide information materials to this market.
When possible, we provide a resource pack containing a selection Christian books, CD-ROMs and DVDs focussing on HIV from a Christian perspective to a small number of these organisations. The materials include valuable resources from the Called to Care series of Strategies for Hope, World Council of Churches Ecumenical HIV Initiative in Africa, Bybel-Media and others.
Please also let us know about any organisations that would be interested in partnering with us in order to expand this service.
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