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The Christian AIDS Bureau for Southern Africa (CABSA)

You can view a short PowerPoint Presentation about the organisation below.

WHAT? We guide and support Christian communities in their response to HIV. CABSA wants to sensitize churches, congregations and Christians about the Aids pandemic and mobilize them to become involved and make a positive difference.

WHY? The Aids pandemic in Africa is characterised by stigma (judgement, fear, isolation), lack of knowledge and indifference (apathy and irresponsibility). The infection rate is still increasing and one in nine South Africans presently live with HIV. There are however churches with structures in every outpost of the continent. This means that a wonderful potential exists for churches and Christians to be part of the solution to this crisis. CABSA can help unlock this potential.

HOW? CABSA makes information available, creates understanding, helps congregations become involved, trains leaders, is involved in initiatives and supports processes -in order that the love of God, the hope of Christ and the support of the Holy Spirit can be experienced in word and action in the midst of the Aids pandemic.

WHERE? Our head office is in Wellington in the Western Cape and our information service (CARIS) is based in Johannesburg. CABSA works nationally and in Southern Africa, while CARIS is accessible internationally.

WHO? We presently have three fulltime and one part-time staff members. CABSA has various co-workers, including volunteers and uses contract staff for specific tasks.

WHEN? Various continuous services are offered: e.g. the webpage is available 24/7; a “Tip of the Week” is sent out on request; enquiries are responded to during office hours; information is sent out for special occasions such as World AIDS Day and AIDS Candlelight Memorial Sunday; a DVD was developed “Mense wat leef met MIV”. CABSA creates opportunities: e.g. Facilitates workshops; 5-day facilitators training.

WITH WHAT? The staff and co-workers serve churches and communities to the extent to which funds are available. CABSA is however responsible for its own funding. Sources of funding include: donations from individuals; financial support from church organisations and congregations; funding through trusts; project funding and provision of services on contract.

WHAT ELSE? For more information phone us at 021 873 0028 or 011 796 6830

or email  Lyn

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