Special General Meeting - CABSA's New Constitution. 26/01/10

The new CABSA constitution was approved at a Special General Meeting held in Wellington this morning.

With this meeting a long process of consultation was brought to a close.  You can read the constitution below


Dr Andrie Kilian(chairperson) signs the new constitution, while Dr Sam Pick looks on.

Why change the constitution?

The changes to the constitution were initially motivated by a need for a more focussed and specialised board. 

In the past a large part of the Board was comprised of representatives from organisatons with formal agreements with the organisation.  The new constitution allows for a smaller and more streamlined board.  We have also been able to refine the constitution because of our experience since 2001.  The relationship with the Huguenot college changed recently, requiring further changes.  The organisation's "Guiding Principles" have also been included in the constitution.  CABSA believes that this shows greater transparancy about how we as a Christian organisation would like to act and interact in all our activities and relationships.

The new constitution also makes provision for a new "relationship" between CABSA and individuals and organisations who share CABSA's vision.  Inidviduals and organisations can now become formal "Friends of CABSA".  Contact Lyn if you would like more information about becoming a friend of CABSA.

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