Telling Our Story

We tell of facts and data
Of global trends, of groups, of risks
We recount our travellers' tales
Of issues raised and insights gleaned.
We share our theo-psycho-socio thoughts
Our medico-spiritual-pastoral concerns
We enrich and are taught, find challenge and support.
But what's our story in all of this
What stirs within our inmost space
What of all we've lived this year
Has marked our deepest self?
What has fired our dreams and hopes
What's scarred and pained, what's brought us joy
Why and when have we laughed and cried
Why fought, despaired, yet dared go on?
What is our story
In our most sacred space
In the deep still sanctuary within
Can we dare to name that story
Before the One who's formed us,
Who knows us through and through
Who breathes her Word to Life in us
Even as we sleep?
We speak our stories,
Bring forth Her Word made Life.
We own our journey, reclaim what's gone.
Our retraced paths disclose
Her steps, Leading, forgiving, carrying, guarding.
And in our telling God's voice sings out,
Transforming, blessing and bringing to
Wholeness, all that we dare to name.
Our stammered phrases become
Her Word of Justice, Beauty, Truth, Healing.
God's hymn declares her boundless joy,
Her delight in our words made Word.
She looks with Love on those she's birthed,
And holds us to herself.
As she holds, she restores, renews
And calls us forth afresh
"Come live the story of my Love
Come dance my Dance of Life".

(From the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance)

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