What’s Faith Got To Do With It? A Global Multifaith Discussion On HIV Responses. 2/2011

This multi-faith book, developed by INERELA+ and CUAHA and launched late in 2010, includes responses from different faiths responding to HIV and engaging in discussions related to sex, sexuality and gender.

It wass compiled by Carolyne Akinyi Opinde and edited by Prof. Ezra Chitando and Peter Nickles.

In the foreword, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu writes:
“This book is an inspiration to faith based organisations who are living their faith in this world, and not just the next. Read it and your hopes will rise. God is responding to HIV and AIDS. I pray that all those who will read this book will be guided by the Holy Spirit to speak the truth in love and to pour balm on wounds – and that the stories in this book will bring hope and healing to a broken world.”

Essays by a variety of authors include:

  • What does God think about HIV and AIDS.
  • Sikhism and HIV.
  • What does God think about HIV?
  • Human Sexuality.
  • Does “God still hate Fags.
  • Can Faith Communities really ignore sexuality?
  • Demythologizing African conceptions of human sexuality.
  • A Faith-based Approach to HIV Prevention and Care: Perspectives of a Muslim.
  • How do we Provide care within our Faith in the field of HIV and AIDS?
  • Pastoral care of People living with HIV and AIDS in Zambia.
  • Christian Faith compels religious leaders and their communities to work in the field of HIV and AIDS.

Download the PDF (1.49 MB)  below. (Provided with permission from INERELA+)

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