Workshop Held in Mpumalanga, Witbank 22 September 2010

22 SEPTEMBER 2010 

For the past months are being busy with the support groups at an informal settlement where I am working. In this community there is high-rate of HIV and AIDS and the most important thing is: 

  • Spiritual counselling
  • Information programmes
  • Group support
  • Motivations

 This has been going for some time and different churches are involved in this community.  This programmes runs once a week. I have realise that people become open about their status, when they are ready to talk about it, after they have realise that they can trust you, people fear for discrimination and also they could be rejected by their community. Challenges: 

  • Most of them are in denial, they done drink their medicaton as prescribed,
  • They abuse alcohol
  • They use traditional muti
  • They also believes in witch-craft but the more you do talks / motovation the more they realise that having multiple partner out your life at risk.
  • They don’t use condoms everytime they have sex.
  • They don’t go for regular check-ups when they feel better they leave/stop taking a treatment


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