World Vision – Channels Of Hope Training – Johannesburg – February 2010

 A group of 23 participants enjoyed the journey of the “Channels of Hope” training in Johannesburg. Coming from various countries in Africa, as well as two participants from Romania. Twelve of the participants were World Vision staff, working in communities as Health and HIV development workers, and nine of the participants were coming from communities, serving there as faith leaders. 

As with all the CoH trainings, this was once again a deep transformational experience – opening hearts and minds to consider “us” as being vulnerable, stigmatizing, and rejecting people living with HIV and AIDS. Durnig the stigma session, the session about “Living with HIV participants had the opportunity to listen to one another, learning from experience of brothers and sisters. 

Two very special factors made this training unique: (1) We had two brother from Romania, from the Orthodox Church, of which one is also a priest. Costel Naclad shared with us some of the traditions and songs from the Orthodox Church, and Gabriel Mitroi about the children in Romania living with HIV in a country with low HIV prevalence. These two brothers helped us to embrace the rich diversity within our Christian faith. 



(2) One of our trainers, also not a World Vision staff member, was Danford Mwaba. A pastor from Zambia, trained in CoH and with a unique life story – he shared with us his talent to write and compose songs. His song “This is my life story” became a hit amongst participants. 

Durnig our “special evening”, we enjoyed the cultures from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Uganda, South Sudan, Ghana and Lesotho.

As an organization and as participants coming from various countries, we thank CABSA for sharing this wonderful tool – the “Channels of Hope” materials and training – with us!

Logy Murray
CoH Master Trainer in World Vision.



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